Fresh Wort Kits

HopDog Fresh Wort Kits are the best way to brew at home and get craft brewery fresh results, without the need for a full all grain set up. Our 15L Wort Kits make 20L of awesome home brew, all you need to do is add yeast! Pour your 15L of wort into a sterilised fermenter, top up with 5L of water and add the yeast. Ferment as normal, package as you like in either keg or bottle.

We like to think that these Kits are just a starting place for your own creativity. Don't feel as though the suggested yeasts are the be all and end all, change it up, dry hop it if you like, maybe don't dilute it... It's up to you.

Please note: whilst we take the greatest care in brewing our Fresh Wort Kits, there are slight differences from batch to batch. The listed Original Gravity can vary from brew to brew. Feel free to adjust as desired.