BattlePhruit Galactica

BattlePhruit Galactica
1 x 330ml bottle $7.00
pack of 4 = 4 x 330ml bottles $28
CUBE = 16 x 330ml bottles $90


Small Batch.
7.1% abv, 50 IBUs
BattlePhruit Galactica was a single batch, one off Vermont IPA. It was originally brewed by an intrepid group of craft beer enthusiasts one weekend in January of 2017, and the first batch sold out. This is the second batch. It’s a cloudy, hoppy, juicy styled IPA brewed with wheat, oats and wheat flour, along with generous amounts of Australian and American hops, and of course heaps of Galaxy, as the name suggests. It comes across as a pale cloudy ale with flavours and aromas bursting with pineapples, mango, banana and other tropical fruits. A light bitterness, but very hoppy. To be enjoyed fresh, not to be cellared.